Concrete Driveway Installation Costs

concrete driveway

Concrete Driveway Installation Costs

Concrete driveway cost is not a cheap endeavour. It requires maintenance. If you plan on doing it yourself, be prepared for a concrete driveway that will be a challenge to install. With luck, you’ll have someone else do the work for you and they should know about cement driveway repair and designs. But this article will discuss some ideas that are simple to implement and won’t break the bank.

Installation Cost

First, let’s take a look at concrete driveway installation costs. An attractive combination with a cement driveway that is strong enough to stand up to wear and tear that can run the neighbourhood over in just a few years include a concrete driveway price range of around eight hundred to one thousand dollars. A strong mix of aggregate with enough strength to withstand wear and tear, however, can fall in that mid-range range, with a concrete driveway cost around one thousand dollars to two thousand dollars for a strong enough mix and a good installation.

Once concrete driveway installation is complete, you’ll have a smooth, flat surface. Maintenance will be minimal, other than occasional sweeping, and a sealant application every couple of years. Besides, if you choose a coloured sealant to complement your house’s exterior, you will also want to apply a sealant to the driveway itself once that colour is permanently applied. You can opt to use a primer before applying colour but some homeowners do not find that it is necessary, since the sealant does a fine job of protecting concrete from cracking, breaking, buckling or staining.


Once again, sealing and staining are more expensive upfront costs than the repairs themselves. And the repairs themselves, while they may be less severe than a concrete driveway repair, can still be costly. When the repairs are minor, an asphalt driveway repair can be cost-effective because you can mix the concrete and gravel to your specifications. Besides, asphalt is easy to come by and the concrete itself can be purchased in bulk, saving you even more money on concrete. Of course, cement driveway repair does require a concrete grinding tool, concrete pavers and a trowel, unless you purchase the material locally.

concrete driveway

Of course, it is recommended that you invest in a new driveway. By investing in a new driveway, you will increase the value of your home, which is something that everybody wants. Not only will a new concrete driveway add value to your home but you will also have an easier time selling your home should you choose to move. A well-maintained driveway will always look brand new and your potential buyers will always want to see what new material your home is covered with.

Concrete and Asphalt Driveways

Concrete and asphalt driveways can be sealed at home to protect them from becoming stained or discoloured. Sealant application should be done before installation and after installation for optimal results. While cement driveway sealers can be purchased at almost any home improvement store, asphalt sealants are sold only through reputable home improvement stores. Homeowners often have better success applying their concrete sealant because they have the necessary tools for the proper application.

In cases where concrete or asphalt driveway repairs need to be made, you should contact the homeowner’s insurance provider to make sure that there are no deductibles associated with the repairs. Because concrete driveway repairs are quite common, insurance providers will most likely pay for the repairs out-of-pocket. If there is a deductible, likely, the deductible will not cover the full cost of the repairs. For this reason, it is important to make sure that you have enough money in your savings account to pay for the repairs in full. Because concrete or asphalt driveways are quite expensive to install, you should always check around to see if you can find a better deal on the repairs.

The average lifespan of concrete or asphalt driveways is between fifty and eight years while concrete stone and gravel pavers have a much longer life expectancy between ten and fifteen years. However, concrete and stone driveways are much more susceptible to deterioration and staining at temperatures as low as twenty degrees Fahrenheit. Asphalt and stone driveways are also more prone to frost-heave which occurs when the temperature gets lower and the water freezes. For these reasons, it is essential to seal and repair driveways for optimal performance.

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